Firefox OS is the

perfect platform

for HTML5 games

WGK 2014

Andrzej Mazur@end3rEnclave Games
GdaƄsk, Poland, September 7th 2014


How I'm making games for fun,

building the HTML5 gamedev community

and trying to be successful
with Firefox OS

HTML5 Game Developer

Andrzej Mazur

Background story

  • Front-end
  • Casual games
  • One-man-army


Tool of the Trade: HTML5

Weapon of Choice: Firefox OS

Is HTML5 ready for gamedev?

Is HTML5 ready for gaming?

HTML5: The good parts

Good parts

  • Free
  • One code base
  • Thousands of developers already
  • True cross platform
  • For every device with a browser
  • Distribution through URLs
  • Ease of use, plugin-free
  • Open source code, easy to learn
  • Instant updates
  • Store independent

Technology is here!



  • Gamepad
  • Pointer Lock
  • Fullscreen
  • Storage
  • Geolocation

Mobile API

  • Device orientation
  • Vibration
  • WebSMS
  • Battery status
  • WebBluetooth

Positive energy

Good news
  • Unreal Engine in the browser
  • Unity exports to WebGL
  • Spil Games gets $5 MLN
  • Flash moving to HTML5
  • High demand and growing


Browser and the text editor

Firefox OS

Firefox OS
  • Mobile operating system written in JavaScript
  • Created and maintained by Mozilla
  • Open source, available on GitHub
  • Hardware platform for the mobile web

Firefox OS facts

Firefox OS
  • Growing markets
  • Alternative for feature phones
  • Affordable devices
  • Simple development
  • Build for the Web, not only Firefox OS

Making games for fun

Enlave Games

Enclave Games

Captain Rogers

Captain Rogers



Monster Wants Candy

Monster Wants Candy

Hungry Fridge

Hungry Fridge

Super Turbo Hungry Fridge

Super Turbo Hungry Fridge

Full Immersion

Full Immersion



All of the games

  • Free, no ads, online
  • Used for tutorials and workshops
  • ...and still getting paid

Building HTML5 gamedev community

Open HTML5 Games

Work in progress

Trying to be successful

  • HTML5 ⁄ Firefox OS - new, growing
  • Little competition

My "success" story?

Don't compare yourself to others,
set your own goals.


Future in the browser
  • HTML5 is ready for gamedev
  • Firefox OS it the hardware for mobile web
  • It depends on you if you're successful





Andrzej Mazur@end3rEnclave Games

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