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Andrzej Mazur | js13kGames.com || onGameStart 2012 | Warsaw, Poland | 20.09.2012

Andrzej Mazur - who am I?

Two main things to talk about

js13kGames - what's this?

Why take part in it?

How it all started?

Media buzz

Why I think it succeeded?

From zero to hero in 2 months:

Other competitions

General tips

Techniques to shrink your game

Minifiers - how do they work?

Image compression

Procedural level generation

Audio generation

Learn from others


HTML5 Gamedev community is awesome!

js13kGames competition winners!

10th place:

Sorades 13k by Thiemo M├Ąttig

9th place:

Hum by Nandastone

8th place:

At Sea by Scott Heckel

7th place:

Timber Terry by Brian Cerceo

6th place:

Johnny Smiter: 13th Knight by Paul Brunt

5th place:

13 Tanks by Armen138

4th place:

SimLand by Aurium

3rd place:

Mindless by Chandler Prall

2nd place:

The Sucker by Pordesign

1st place:

SpacePi by Jack Rugile