The past, present,
and the future of
HTML5 game development

JS Poland 2019

Andrzej Mazur@end3rEnclave Games
JS Poland 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, November 22nd 2019

2011 vs 2019

2011: W3C workshop, Warsaw

Is HTML5 ready for gaming?

Yes, kind of, but...

  • Poor Canvas performance
  • Crappy (or missing) audio
  • (Not) working offline
  • Drafts of Web APIs

2019: It works!

Good news

Performance improved

Audio working correctly


Offline with PWA

Offline with Service Workers

Web APIs support

Can I Use Gamepad

Current state of play

Technology is sufficient, but...

  • Discoverability issues
  • Lack of monetization options



Change of focus

From licensing to advert-based revenue share.

Bright future

2019: W3C workshop, Redmond

Build cool stuff mixing the ingredients.

2D casual mobile game...

...offline PWA... VR...

...with WebGPU...

...and WebAssembly.

Improving discoverability

Revolutionzing monetization

Monetized website

							<!DOCTYPE HTML>
							  <meta charset="utf-8">
							  <title>Flood Escape</title>
							  <meta name="monetization" content="your_payment_pointer">
							  // ...

Real-time money transfer

No advertisements

  • No privacy issues
  • Not spying on users
  • Not selling data


  1. Technology is sufficient → can be improved
  2. Discoverability problems → indexing tools
  3. Monetization issues → Web Monetization API

Go out and

build the future

of the Web!

Ender Efka @end3r